While responding to an online friend’s questions about my thoughts on reincarnation, it occurred to me to take a look at all that had been written about it since I began scribing in 1989. Another friend had suggested I do this several years ago, and I had filed it on the back-burner of possible projects. The creative juices took hold, and this is the PDF result, with thoughts from all the major titles: The Stillness Before Time, The Ponderings of Yaj Ekim, Breadcrumbs, and The Return to Wonder.

A PDF copy is also available:

Reincarnation, Reincarnation & More Reincarnation

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The Stillness Before Time: Reflections from a Fellow Sojourner

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The Stillness Before Time: Reflections from a Fellow Sojourner

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Reincarnation, Reincarnation & More Reincarnation

© Michael J. Holshouser 2021

World Rights Reserved

The Stillness Before Time


Reincarnation is the moment-to-moment fabrication of the identity you imagine you are.

The Ponderings of Yaj Ekim


The reward for services rendered,

No matter for good or ill, is certain death.

Our fear-ridden, superstitious species manufactured

Deities, heavens, hells, reincarnation, every conceivable notion,

Just to cope, to endure the unavoidable, intrinsic oblivion.

Too excruciatingly real to face it being all for naught.

* * * *


If religions are all they claim to be,

Then there must be more than one god.

So, are they all warring with the same devil,

Or is there more than one of those bad boys, too?

And how many heavens and hells are harvesting souls?

Or how many reincarnations must one endure?

Ooh, ouch, ouch, ouch … brain freeze.

* * * *


Why worry about heavens or hells,

Or karmic reincarnation?

Now is now

No matter the who …

Or what or when or where or why or how.

* * * *


Why concern yourself with inane notions of heaven and hell,

Or the ever-morphing permutations of reincarnation?

You are … have always been … will ever be …

That which is prior to any and all forms,

Unrestrained by any limitation.


To comprehend reincarnation, re-embodiment, rebirth, re-creation, reawakening,

You must discern what it is, and what it is not, that is born anew.

That the same essence in one permeates all,

And that all are but the one in every guise imaginable.

* * * *

Enduring this existence, surviving this existence,

Need not make you guilty in any way, in any shape, in any form.

Heavens, hells, reincarnation, karma, whatever beliefs have been set before you,

Are nothing more than concoctions, speculations, assumptions,

Of the those who would own your mind.

* * * *

If timeless awareness is all that is, and is not,

Then how can it hold on to anything, or anything hold on to it?

How would reincarnation, heavens or hells or purgatories, or any other afterlives,

Be even remotely possible as anything more than imaginary, illusory, fictional, make-believe identities,

As unreal as all to which humankind has so steadfastly clung through all its history?

* * * *

Heavens and hells and purgatories and reincarnation,

How can the quantum wind of vanity possibly be carried on

Through the timeless awareness of the unborn-undying moment?

It is the game of consciousness, nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *

Regarding reincarnation, which so many belief systems endlessly speculate,

What exactly is it that can be reborn other than imaginary notion?

How can spaceless awareness, how can timeless awareness,

Ever be blemished by any imaginary attribute?

Any given seed is but a one-ride-only space-time machine,

Playing out the nature-nurture patterning into which it is spawned.

* * * *

Why be at all concerned about heavens or hells or purgatories?

Or reincarnation, or any other mind-made, time-bound conception?

Of past lives you have no memory; of future lives you have no certainty.

All that is relevant is this very right-here-right-now eternal moment.

As it would have been, or will be, in any future-past ever created.

Be in this very singular moment, wherever, whenever, you are,

And all theaters will play out as the sands of time prescribe.

The Return to Wonder


If you are nothing more than timeless, spaceless, momentary awareness;

If there is in reality, no entity, no existence, what can possibly reincarnate?

* * * *


Did you choose to be born?

Did you pick your parents and family?

Your body? Your geography? Your circumstances?

Some would assert that this is one of countless reincarnations,

But do you know it as bona fide truth for your Self?

And does any of it really even matter?

* * * *


You reincarnate in every time-bound moment

That you re-identify with this sensory illusion.

* * * *


Where will you be when you stop reincarnating?

* * * *


You will reincarnate until you die for the last time,

With the complete surrender to your total nature.

* * * *


Your moment-to-moment rebirth, your reincarnation,

Is an outcome of your interwoven passions,

Your mistaken faith in the illusions cast by the senses,

And the mind’s ceaseless will to continue its ethereal weaving in time.

* * * *

You have already reincarnated countless times during just this lifetime’s imagined identity.

* * * *


Remember that who-what-where-when-why-how you have always really been,

Is not in any way, not in any shape, not in any form, about any reincarnation.

* * * *


Even if he was somehow able to reincarnate,

Most believers probably would not recognize the real Jesus,

Because they at best only have some artist’s idolatrous rendition in mind.

* * * *


Just remember that it is you who wakes up every day,

And makes the mortal choice to reincarnate,

To pick up and carry the bag of shit

Stinking up the mind.


Universes come and go, bang and crunch.

Is there some sort of reincarnating lineage?

Or just a mystery improvising new creations,

Ever the same awareness in every version?

* * * *

You reincarnate daily, who knows how many times.

* * * *


You are reincarnated in each and every thought.

* * * *


Are you individually reincarnated, or is that game

Merely your general stream of consciousness

Playing out delusion in the indivisible mind?

* * * *


So-called reincarnation is just another pointless point in the same old eternal nowless now.

* * * *


Every mask and costume ever worn has fallen off again and again.

Consciousness imagining, consciousness reincarnating, each and every role.

Ever-remembering, ever-forgetting, within the illusory undulations of time and space.

It morphs even as you translate this; never anything but what it ever is, and is not,

Except in the sensory mind imagination ever deludes itself into calling your own.

* * * *


Reincarnation, being born again and again, is an easy excuse for complacency.

* * * *


Any given point of this dreaming of awareness you call your life

Is only connected by the reincarnation of imagination.

The neuron trail of the brain deceives us all.

Every moment is a new and ever-changing beginning

If you are able and willing to detach from those so many memories.

* * * *


You reincarnate every moment you imagine your identity real.

* * * *


Reincarnation is imagination gone native.

* * * *

What would life be like if you were not giving so much energy

To the ever-present reincarnation of an imagined identity?

* * * *


Maybe reincarnation is some sort of remedial, corrective thing

For those many who cannot seem to figure it out

In the first few billion lives or so.